Focus groups
and individual interviews

A user friendly service

Our Fieldgood Focus Group online service uses a Zoom premium account and, by employing the same platform in addition to our services, with other software and hardware, this allows you to replicate what really happens in the “focus” and “customer” rooms of a classic location in virtual rooms.

This very simple and intuitive application, is now widespread among most of the population and easy to install.
Right from the moment of recruitment, in order to have a better interaction, all participants are asked to participate through a fixed PC or notebook.

Despite this initial request, it is possible to access the platform with:









Possible to install on all operating systems: Windows, Apple, Ios, Android.

Possible to install on all operating systems: Windows, Apple, Ios, Android.
It is also possible to participate with only audio from any mobile or landline telephone to allow you to quickly manage any sudden technical problems due to the quality of the band or device used.

Our assistants can quickly reconnect the same participant from a smartphone or, if necessary, even with the only phone audio in a phone call.

It is also much appreciated by clients for the ease of installation and the ability to overcome those corporate firewalls that often block the use of other platforms.

However, it is our practice, as we do with the participants and moderators, to carry out preventive tests directly with the clients who will attend the focus groups / interviews.

Operator support

Our service allows you to replicate what really happens in the “focus” and “customer” rooms of a classic location in virtual rooms.



At least one day before the event and after the invitation has been sent, our technicians contact all participants to:

  • verify the receipt of the invitation;
  • check the compatibility of their devices so that they can participate without any problem;
  • then make an audio and video test by checking the microphone and webcam;
  • instruct them on the main actions to be performed;
  • Invite them to be punctual and enter the room at least 10 minutes in advance.

The same support and attention are addressed to:

  • moderator, both for a training session and to share the potentials of our service
  • clients, to evaluate any firewall or of their company’s restrictions.

To date, all. connections with clients have not encountered any problems or restrictions overcoming all corporate firewalls.



One of our assistants is already in the hall 30 minutes before the event so to ensure that all participants are present.

If someone is late, they telephone the person recruited directly to know the reason for their absence and supports them to solve the problem.

In any case, we always have a reserve … as we do with locations!
In addition, at least one of our technicians is always present throughout the event, alongside the moderator and supporting them in any technical or methodological needs.

Another assistant is always present in the client room to support them all the time.

All our assistants also speak the English in order to satisfy the requests of any foreign customers.



As always our task is to collect and edit all the materials produced and send them to our clients overnight.


Interviews Room


By replicating a classic focus room, most of the work requested by our clients can be carried out in our room.
In any case, we are always available to evaluate the feasibility of particular methodologies or management methods together with our clients.


Without limits of participants and time, with the constant presence of one of our assistants, it is possible to have access to:


one or more moderators

up to 300 participants

note taker

events lasting up to 24 hours

The moderator

In full autonomy or with the support of our assistant, you can:

  • carry out individual pre-interviews before the focus separately with each interviewee, without being seen by the other interviewees, and then start the group with all respondents;

  • share all the necessary stimuli (photos, videos, slides, documents, websites, etc.);

  • create different work groups during the focus by dividing the participants into two or more separate rooms that are not visible to each other;

  • In this case, the moderator can go from one room to another to monitor the different groups and then reunite all the participants in the “focus room”.

Audio and video will be recorded as it happens in each room.

Interactive Whiteboard

A digital “flip chart”.

We have replaced the native Zoom whiteboard with software that allows the simultaneous interaction of all participants;

Any participant can …

Write or draw

Create and paste personalized post-its

Fieldgood online whiteboard

Paste JPG or PNG images

Choose and paste images from a gallery created by us (provided by the client) and shared with them

Observers room for customers


By proposing the services of a classic client room, clients can:

have a room dedicated exclusively to them, without being seen by the participants, listening in Italian or other languages.


Alternatively they can participate in the same room as the event:


Through the presence of one or more interpreters they can choose which language to listen to.

Clients can communicate with each other writing both in public and private modes

Despite being in different rooms – clients can always communicate in chat directly with the moderator to suggest further information or changes.

In the case of another language we already have trained our interpreters and equipped them with the necessary technology.

Without limits of participants or time, and with the constant presence of one of our assistants, they can have access to.


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